Optimizing Remediation Assessment Using HRSC at the 22nd ADEM UST Assessment & Remediation Conference

by admin / Wednesday, 01 April 2015 / HRSC, LNAPL, News, What's New

Please join us at the 22nd UST Assessment and Remediation Conference on April 13-14, 2015 in Montgomery, Alabama.

Our expert in remediation focused conceptual site models (RF-CSM), Roger Lamb, will be partnering with Shannon McDonald of TTL, Inc. to present “Optimizing Remediation Assessment of a Fuel Release Using Real-Time Analysis of High Resolution Site Characterization Data” at this 22nd UST Assessment and Remediation Conference. In their presentation, they will provide a case study that monetizes the cost of management and restoration of a UST site in Alabama.


Their presentation will showcase the following:
• Why monitoring wells, soil borings and LNAPL measurements alone do not yield reliable RF-CSMs;
• Minute-by-minute site analysis reports from SmartData Solutions® over the four-day period on the State of Alabama UST site that not only revealed a much larger and more complicated contaminated area than first thought, but also enabled the team of stakeholders to develop a comprehensive remediation plan; and
• How SmartData Solutions® integrates a range of site information into easy to interpret, GIS-based real-time decision making information that is captured in Remediation Focused Conceptual Site Models (RF-CSM),which can monetize and reduce the liabilities associated with complex LNAPL sites.

Roger and Shannon are excited to share their experience working on the State of Alabama UST site as well as the expertise gained from working on other complex UST sites across the U.S. with the conference attendees. To meet with Roger for a one-on-one at the conference, please email him at rlamb@columbiatechnologies.com or to test drive our SmartData Solutions® tool, please visit our website at: http://www.columbiatechnologies.com/experience-smartdatasolutions.